Sven Borén
Engineering background from Swedish and foreign industrial business and experience from Management, Leadership and R&D within private and non-profit organisations. Sven is a graduate from Mechanical Engineering Program (B.Sc) at the University of Skövde and the Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability Program (M.Sc) at the Blekinge Institute of Technology. The passions of life is about Kids & Family, Sailing, the Socitey and the Environment.

“Sven is an energetic and dedicated project manager who makes the surroundings inspired and enthused to do a good job. With a big bunch of humor and a structured approach, he is a very good project manager, that looks at both the project and project members' best, why I want to give him my best recommendations.” - Peter Rehnström, owner @ Best Marine and former ILS Manager @ Kockums AB  


“During the Masters in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability that he successfully completed in June 2010, I have been his thesis advisor. Sven has shown a good understanding of the framework for strategic sustainable development and brought to the thesis process his precious competence in Transport Systems and his analytical skills and creativity. I would recommend Sven's capability to consult businesses and organizations in applying a clear "big-picture" approach to complex problems and to plan strategically in complex systems, especially in areas related to traffic and mobility management, where he has shown very good skills. I wish him success in his career as a professional and consultant.” - Marco Valente, Programme Assistant @ Blekinge Institute of Technology

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