The Natural Step (TNS) is a non-for-profit organisation founded by Karl-Henrik Robèrt 1992 in Stockholm (Sweden). Being the world-leading sustainability consultancy, TNS guides organisations towards a sustainable future (defined by four system conditions) by sustainability education, advisory work, development of methods and research projects.

Eco Pilots is striving to be a future Navigator within the TNS network, and thereby helping network members and the general public to learn about sustainability by using the TNS Framework, or conducting related research, and working closely with other Navigators to officially represent TNS.

Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) is a recognized university under government control. It is the most distinctly profiled institute in Sweden, thanks to its strong emphasis on applied information technology, IT and sustainable development in industry and society. At BTH, the humanities, social sciences, management and health sciences are all integrated into an applied IT profile that enables technology and the humanities to develop in exciting new directions. The institute was established in 1989 and is located in the county of Blekinge in south-east Sweden. BTH is one of three independent institutes of technology in Sweden and in 1999 it was granted university status in technology. Among a large number of programmes and courses taught in Swedish, BTH offers two undergraduate programmes and about 18 Master's programmes in English.
In addition to the large number of nationalities represented at faculty level, foreign students from all over the world give our institute a truly international environment.

In accordance with the emphasis on sustainability, BTH became climate neutral in September 2008. This signifies not contributing to the global climate problem. BTH will as quickly as possible reduce climate impact by, for example, using only renewable, climate-neutral energy for heating, electricity or vehicles.

Eco Pilots strives to continiously coperation with BTH in development projects cocerning sustainability. Region Blekinge has given Eco Pilots together with BTH and the Natural Step the misssion within the EU-project "TransBaltic" to investigate how the future transport system within Blekinge shall loke like.  This will be done as the well reputed sustainability courses prescribes by the ABCD-method and a reference group, and be presented at the BTH sustainability forum in October 2012. 

The Management Consultancy Indigo IPEX AB was founded in 2007 by Fredrik Alsén and is developing their customers ability regarding change towards their desired vision. IPEX offers services to strengthen customer’s inner and outer effectiveness, and also do-it yourself-programs for large companies and growth programs for small sized companies or entrepreneurs.
Eco Pilots will increase the sustainability knowledge to IPEX customers and for example cross-pollinate the Rummler & Brache method with the ABCD-methodology to guide the customers towards a sustainable future.

The collaboration hub for sustainable development New Leaf Initiative is aimed to bring sustainability to life. Being a non-profit US organisation founded in 2010, New Leaf is addicted to guide anyone or any organisation towards a sustainable future by the CASE-approach (Connect-Assist-Strategize- Evaluate) and focus on collaboration between partners within the hub.

Eco Pilots is a member of the New Leaf Network and contributes with expertise in sustainable transportation as well as experience from European industries and the Swedish style of management.