Company Details

Owner: Sven Borén
Swedish Organisational number:
Adress of Invoices:
Bärvägen 8 37154 Karlskrona, Sweden
PG 569975-6 / BG 678-5810
Tel. +46 708 48 95 57

Core Values

  • "Walk the talk"
  • Loyal Customers and Partners
  • Big missions in cooperations with partners
  • Missions shall be profitable and contribute in the change towards a sustainable future

Core Purpose

A sustainable society for future generations where we live in balance with the nature and each other in accordance to the Natural Step sustainability system conditions.

Strategic goals

BHAG 1: By year 2040 have been contributed essentially to the change towards sustainable transports that will satisfy all human needs of transport.
BHAG 2: By year 2040 have eliminated the need of guidance towards a sustainable future in the south-east of Sweden.
By year 2016 have guided about 20 organisations in the change towards a sustainable future, and about 50 by year 2020.